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Sedona Sacred Chakra Retreat

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Please Join Kate Becker, owner of Kate’s Magik Essential Oil Blends and Brianna Arndt, owner of Barefoot Yoga Studios for an All Inclusive Chakra Retreat in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona! The event will be held at the Sedona Sacred Rocks Metaphysical B&B.

During these five days, we will study each of the seven main chakras individually, providing various methods to balance and align these energy centers in the body on and off the mat. Our teachings will provide you with healing tools to use long after you leave the retreat.

Activities will include:
Yoga, Metaphysical Remedies, Pranayama, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Nature Walks, Guided Meditations, Fire Ceremony & more.


Cost Varies
(Includes Lodging, Meals and Workshop)

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11:00 AM11:00

Two Year Anniversary Open House Celebration

Ritual by Kate’s Magik is proud to celebrate the second anniversary of their brick-and-mortar Aroma Boutique and Spa in the El Presidio district of Tucson. All those interested in aromatherapy, divine natural perfumes, reiki and massage treatments are invited to come meet Kate and the great people who help run the Kate’s Magik brand and Ritual Boutique. The event will be dedicated to the Autumn Season, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos. The open house on Saturday, October 28th from 11am – 4pm will include mini-treatments, healthy treats, refreshments as well as a generous sale on Kate’s Magik products.

“I extend a wholehearted invitation to all seekers of healing, love and magik!” - Kate Becker

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12:00 PM12:00

One Year Anniversary Event, Open House + Sale

Please Join us to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Ritual by Kate's Magik. Founder and Creator of the Kate's Magik Product line as well as the Ritual Boutique, Kate Becker, will offer one-on-one product consultations and our massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, Claire, will provide free mini-treatments. Clara, The Radiant Clown, will respond to a question of your heart, through mime, metaphor and storytelling. Please stop by anytime between Noon-5 pm. We will have light refreshments for your enjoyment. See you there!


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Mother's Day Massage Special

Mother love is nurturing, compassionate and endlessly supportive.

We mainly associate this love with our biological mothers and many of us are blessed to have such maternal figures in our lives, but others have lost their mothers or deal with unresolved issues. 

Nonetheless with Mother's Day upon us, it is an opportunity to celebrate and show our appreciation and love for all the women who have raised and supported us through thick and thin in life.  This may include an aunt, grandmother, sister, friend or distant relative, but it should also include the divine feminine within YOU. Yes, you may celebrate yourself!

Women love to nurture, but also love being nurtured!

What better than a gift of Soothing Aromatherapy Oils and Herbal Teas for your mom or appointed maternal elder. Or pick something up to honor yourself for all the hard work you've done as a woman, supporting others.



Here are a few of my favorite products that support and bring forth the divine feminine and sweet mama love:

#1 Quan Yin - the Hindu Goddess of Love and Compassion who represents similar qualities as the Virgin Mary is the ultimate mama love oil! Apply this Sacred Perfume of divine rose and holy sandalwood above your heart and feel trust, compassion and forgiveness envelope your entire Being.

#2 Water Lotion - nourishes your skin and spirit with silky, soothing lotion featuring essential oils of Jasmine and Lavender. It is calming to the nerves and intoxicates the senses. 

#3 Woman See Bright - helps you trust your intuition and relax into the moment. A very calming and hormonal balancing oil for woman with Lavender and Clary Sage 

#4 Moonlight - My ultimate sedative for a stressful day. I use this as a calming body oil by self-applying it from the waist up, massaging my belly, chest, shoulders, lower back and neck. The relief is instantaneous!

# 5 VenusSensual Lust and PassionFire Fly, Fire Lotion and Aphrodisian Fire - playful and sensual, these oils help empower your sexuality as well as your creativity - help evoke your inner fire and instill confidence in your true beauty

#6 Kate's Magik Herbal Teas - Little is better than a cup of fragrant, soothing, organic herbal tea for relaxation, healing and tranquility.  

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